On Being “Nice” – #financialdomination #greed #findom #fetish

I have trouble shutting it off sometimes. It’s just how I was raised, and who I am as a person. I’m not one of those Doms that gets joy in seeing others in pain. Rather, I want people to enjoy it when we do stroke training (not true hypnosis but training for their desires as they stroke along), or hypnosis of either the erotic or straightforward kind.

The thing is, I’m also very greedy. I might not be pushy, but I am rooting for you to get addicted to the hypnosis and the pleasure of paying me. And I might not want to think about you suffering, but as long as you are enjoying yourself on the way down to ruin… what do I care if you rack up a bunch of debt?

There are a few subs I consider on the friend level, and that gets a bit trickier. Yet as long as the desire was in them prior to any hypnosis, it’s one I want to exploit. Friend or not, if you’re giving your cash away, I want it to be to me.

I’ve described myself before as the guy next door you invite in, realize he stole your wallet, and then invite back in. That might mean you liked me for being nice, but don’t think there’s not that evil side of me that enjoys it. It’s actually a bit of a rush… guys hypnotized to the pleasure that they keep giving and giving and yet seeing me as their friend or at least as a genuine guy… and yet all I really care about is what cash is getting transferred to the bank.

Some guys of course prefer this… and I’m grateful there are those of you out there that do. I recognize there are others of you that prefer something more hardcore. I’m perhaps not the best one-on-one match in some of those cases, but just listen to some of my hardcore files and you’ll know I don’t play around when it comes to getting in one’s head.

Whether it’s letting you stroke to financial ruin or training a guy to crave ANY cock down any hole at any time, or helping you let go of your free will to be a slave with no way outs for whatever Master or Mistress or Dominant couple is right for you, I am getting inside heads and perverting them. For those that try my free files, please know that newer files are also a bit more hardcore. I guess as a “nice guy” I had to ease my way into certain things a bit… and I’m still doing that. It’s hard to shake such a core part of a person.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not Dominant, or Superior. In fact, for the guys really into hypnosis, it is building the trust as a “friend” that really helps one to be able to let go and trance. And given I do hypnosis for just about everything (non-therapeutic) including working with a lot of guys – dom, sub, or not even in the scene – on fitness, the nice persona does become me.

Still, I get a thrill from the influence I can have over people at times, and love to use that influence to rake in the cash. I might not be pure evil, for I don’t sneak in the financial stuff with all my other files unlike certain other “jock” hypnotists out there with bad reputations… but I also sure am a greedy bastard…. loving to manipulate the type of inferiors that read this blog… and I’m okay with that. I’m pretty sure you are too 😉

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