#Cashfags Have No Wants, Just Need to Give Away #Money – #FinancialDomination

Last night I talked to a real faggot. I do not know his sexuality, my followers know I do not mean fag as a gay insult… but fag as the lowest form of human scum, straight, bi, gay doesn’t matter, all that matters is that fags are disgusting perverts.

There is no doubt he was a fag… needing to be watched as he stroked and reminded of what a loser he was wasting his life away, sticking out his tongue imagining it on my cock. He was disgusting. And yet here he was, giving away his money to me.

When it comes down to it, that’s all a cashfag wants or needs. Someone to give away their money to, or to take their money. Have no doubt that even when you give to me freely after a hypnosis session – I am still taking your money. I am molding your mind to make you more likely to give, and to give to me. Even a “tribute” after my hypnosis… isn’t exactly a tribute. I am fucking with your mind to fuck with your wallet.

And cashfags… some care about bills, some don’t and crave that ruin. But even the ones that have their needs taken care of, they have no wants. Not in the traditional sense. They don’t need a nice TV or luxury car or to take a vacation. All they need is to be reminded of what a faggot they are… that their extra money is NOT something they deserve… that they exist to be used, and that includes financially.

If you’re reading this fag, check out some of my files and recordings meant to fuck with your weak little mind, and start preparing to send over lots and lots of cash. For even if it’s on the TRIBUTE page… is it truly a “tribute” when I’ve fucked with your mind? Let me in, listen daily, and let Master Josh and his hypnosis truly take advantage of you – and your accounts.


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