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A sorta poem for cashslaves, not really a masterpiece – but it speaks the truth.

A Master’s needs come first
A Master’s wants come second
A cashslave’s needs come third
A cashslave’s wants don’t exist

The only want a cashslave is allowed
Is the want to please their Master
For Master’s pleasure is their pleasure
And that’s all a cashslave wants

For when Master is pleased
They are filled with pleasure
When Master is taken care of
They have fulfilled their purpose

Master Josh always needs more money
Master Josh always wants more money
Master Josh’s hypnosis molds cashslaves like you
And puts you down where you belong

Molding you to worship your new God
Molding you to be my ATM
Molding you to be my payslave
Molding you to crave financial ruin

So many options, even free samples
Give a listen and be programmed today
Brainwashed more and more with each listen
Into the cashslave of Master Josh

Needing to make sure I live in comfort
Needing to put Me first, above all
Needing to adjust your life

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