#FinDom Loyalty & #Hypnotic Repetition – #cashslavery #moneyslavery

The other day I received a message from a submissive guy I’ve chatted with before, in which he informed me that he had found a Master so would be blocking me soon because of his Master’s commands. Now, I found this strange for a few reasons, the first being that this guy had never really sent tributes or paid for sessions – but rather talked about his fantasy about wanting to be slowly pulled into it. Well, that’s not me. I’m not going to waste my time trying to lure you into something when you’re probably just jacking off for free and have no intention of paying. If you were serious about your fantasy, you’d pay me for a session or buy a file – or at least give several listens to one of the free files I have! So when this sub said this, a huge part of me was skeptical and thinking he just wanted me to try and lure him back. Back to what, I’m not sure. But to me, it’s not at all a loss.

It did get me thinking about the “no other ties” thing though, and I wonder how many slaves and CashMasters actually manage it? Certainly I encourage it – suggesting in my files that the pleasure is of course greatest when I am paid 😉 – but it’s not a very realistic concept for several reasons. One, subs are often at the whims of their cocks (no matter how small), and that doesn’t always line up to when somebody is online. Two, subs sometimes like the variety of different styles or approaches. Three, how does a CashMaster truly keep track of it? It’s a lot different than with an in-person sub, especially when most CashMasters work with more than one sub online themselves.

So I understand that some of you are going to come and go, and I hope you enjoy working with me enough that you do come back often… though I also know there will be times, such as early July, when I’ll be offline due to travels. One thing is certain though when it comes to the hypnosis side… repetition sinks those messages in. It’s the repetition that drives in those suggestions. It’s the repetition that allows my words to start taking stronger hold. It’s the repetition that makes your mind comfortable enough to let go even more than before. It’s the repetition that lets those words penetrate your mind deeper and deeper. Whether you are repeating a file or calling back for more sessions, the repetition is one of the key elements to successful hypnosis… so you can play around as you wish, but keep coming back here for more training, and a reminder of where payment truly feels like more pleasure than anywhere else.

After all, My pleasure is your pleasure. I am pleased when you pay Me, and you are thus pleased to pay Me. The more you pay, the more pleasure you feel. The more pleasure you feel, the more you pay Me – and that pleases Me, which pleases you. Pleasure is achieved when you pay Master Josh, for to pay Master Josh is PLEASURE!


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