New #FinancialDomination #Recordings for #CashFag & #FinancialRuin on #Niteflirt

Niteflirt is a bit new to me still, so I’m still experimenting with recorded calls vs mp3s. I know some of them are a bit long especially if you want to repeat them. Some of them, such as the games, I will likely leave as pay-per-call recordings, but I’m considering moving a few others to MP3s. To help test that, I’ve edited down two of my hypnosis recordings to non-hypnosis recordings at 6 minutes each. At a price of $1.66 (base rate, may vary), that’s just about $10 for those in the U.S. And yes you read that right…. $1.66 6-minute recordings (though price is subject to change in the future, I thought this was a fun base rate to start 😉 ).

Not all of my recordings will lend themselves to this, but these “quick jerks” (as I like to call them) are in the areas of Financial Ruin and being trained as my Cash Fag. These listings are pending review before showing up on Niteflirt, but you can still listen now by going through my site. I bet your small little cocks are already getting hard at the thought of cumming to my $uperior voice! Click on either to call or check out the new Recordings page to read a bit more on how I’m finding even more ways to financially dominate all you cashcunts and moneypigs.

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