#Raves #Reviews #Testimonials of my #Hypnosis & #Domination on #Niteflirt

I just made a new Raves page for the site using real feedback left on Niteflirt! Though I usually don’t use real screennames without permission, these are already public. That said, if you are on here & want your name removed, simple message me and I will oblige.

However, I’m hoping most of you will love the thought of your testimonials helping to make a true Superior even more money. And if you have yet to try my hypnosis, I hope these raves help convince you that sometimes it’s worth to spend a little extra for a nice long session to really get what you want. Jacking off for a few minutes to a voice leaves you empty. Exploring your desires as I lower your inhibitions and make fantasies feel real? Now that is TRUE POWER and will give your life meaning!

Check out all the Raves now!


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