#EroticHypnosis #FinancialDomination #MP3 Spotlight: Mindless Moneygiver

I know some of you love the idea of being taken advantage of… and that’s what my “Mindless Moneygiver” erotic hypnosis mp3 does. The more you listen, the more effective – and dangerous – it becomes.

You see, this file has you get a little bit dumber with each stroke. Not just dumber… but absolutely mindless. Soon, you’ll be clicking to pay tribute without even realizing just exactly what you’re doing (and yes, this file is meant to be listened to with the TRIBUTE page right in view – one hand on your cock, one hand ready to click!).

Go ahead, let down your guard… (temporarily) let go of your mind (you’ll get it back when you cum at the end)… and find yourself letting go of your money too.

Special thanks to kcleatherboi for the following feedback on this:
““Great sexual hypno recording! This Dom really knows how to get into your head and push the buttons that pull you further into his web. An intense orgasm at the end and left wanting more.”

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