The best way to serve me is, of course, cash. But sometimes I get asked, how else can one serve me? Here are some things I am looking for – but please note, this is all EXTRA you can do. You will NOT be given minutes for any of this; these are simply additional ways you can choose to please me.

Online Alpha Cashmasters
This file will make you feel submissive to me, but dominant over others as you become my Alpha Cashmaster. If you follow Niteflirt protocols & want me to help promote you, I will, or even better we can keep this our little secret as you let others simply think you are the one in charge – but you’ll know in reality that is ME. We’ll split cash 50/50, with you sending your share as tributes to me. You can keep any non-cash gifts, but it is up to you to figure out your own taxes, etc. If you struggle with cash, all the more reason to work harder at making us both more cash.

Alpha Cashmaster – $15.99
Buy from HypnoSuperior through

Flash/Web Game Developers
I’d love for some subs to help me create some Niteflirt games so that I can make even more money from subs.


Send me photos of yourself serving – such as you with cash in  your hand ready to give me. You may send them cropped or masked, or request that I crop/mask them before posting if you want me to see what you look like but wish to be anonymous for the blog.

I am looking for graphic designers. I could use some great art for all my HypnoSuperior & TheMesmerizer listings on Niteflirt. I’d also really like to partner with some guys on ideas I have for fitness/bodybuilding related t-shirts for which you would give me the commercial rights to original designs.  Shared rights can be discussed.

I am always looking for talent article & story writers. For articles, I mainly seek bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition & related files for a separate blog. You may be credited as you choose and no one has to know how else you serve.  For stories, I am always looking for hot stories involving muscle, jocks, pigs, slaves, ATMs, hypnosis, etc. You must follow Niteflirt protocol as well as U.S. laws – no minors, no animals, no rape, etc. By sending me such stories, you give me the rights to the story and I may sell the stories through Niteflirt or post them free on any of my blogs or social media accounts, as I see fit.  Shared rights may be discussed but if I choose to sell it, I want to make sure you aren’t publishing it elsewhere free.

Same types of rules as for writing stories. One thought for both could be a staggered release. Just as a movie is first in theaters, then cheaper for rental, then eventually airs on TV free to watch, so too could a story or art first be charged for before eventually being released free.

As long as it is compliant with Niteflirt rules, I am always open for other ideas for how you might be of benefit to me.

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Hypnotically dominating minds for MY financial gain.