#CashMaster Enjoys Putting New #CashFag in Place – #CashSlave FinDom #FinancialDomination

It’s always great to have another sub – be it another humanATM or moneyslave or payfag. As usual, when one first writes, I’m always hesistant – is this guy legit or a wanker? But thankfully he, sub4277, is proving to be legit, having bought several files and sent a $50 tribute for Me last night. I know as he continues to listen to My hypnosis, it will only open up his mind further to My programming as he accepts that he is indeed inferior to Master Josh.

Sub4277, I know you’re reading this – and I also know I left you with some instructions you need to follow. And deep down, it always feels so good, so right, to give in to your Superior and obey. All that resistance just fades away as you embrace that you were born lesser – and I was born greater. It’s so right for you to submit to My control and My influence until you know that My pleasure does become your pleasure…. and I would love for you to please Me right now.

I’d love for all of you to please Me right now with a nice tribute to Master Josh – and deep down, I know you want to please Me too.

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