Best Laid Plans

With my flight arriving mid-week last week, I thought I’d slowly ease into things the rest of the week and be on my new working out, working hard schedule mentioned in my resolutions by the end of this past weekend. Now another week has come and past, and I find myself still spending too much time on an unexpected problem that arose over the New Year holiday. I am trying to get on Niteflirt when I can and will continue to be on at times, but blog activity will be at a minimum until I can put this issue behind me and free up some more time. Don’t worry, I still have a lot of great new file ideas … it’s just a matter of when, not if, but hopefully sooner than later though life may be having some other plans for me in the immediate future. (Don’t worry, it’s nothing criminal on my end and nothing health-related, just time-consuming and may prompt some other time-consuming changes before I can get into a normal routine). Thanks slaves, pigs, and ATMs for your understanding.

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