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After a move is always a good time to add to one’s wishlist. Now, some things I lost in the move, I don’t currently need due to my new housemate having them. However, I may be moving again down the road and adding a lot more in that case. But don’t you worry paypigs – I still found plenty of new things to add for you to send to me!

One of the casualties of the move was my TV, which despite careful packing, did not survive a huge bump in the road. I also am now without cable going back to over-the-air TV.

That’s why two of my biggest wants are this lovely 40-inch Samsung smart TV to the left, as well as a digital converter box that includes PVR function to allow more recording of my favorite shows.

After all, Master deserves to relax and watch all the TV he wants, doesn’t he? Even if you’re off working a 2nd, 3rd, even 4th job to make me more cash? Yes, you know it’s true.

Other items range from the practical, such as extra storage containers to make up for ones lost during the move, to the extravagant, such as a fancy new camera to take even better photos.

I actually got my current camera from a total cashwhore, and in general it’s pretty good… but you know me, I’m greedy, and love asking for even better things.


That’s why while the above TV is my realistic option for a cashslave to buy Master, I also have a big 60-inch curved TV for anyone wanting to spend big bucks.

I love being spoiled that way, but know not all my fans can afford that. That’s why I’ve added items of varying price ranges, including gift cards to restaurants in the St. Louis area.

Also new to the list are some more drink mixes I’d like to try that should be on the healthier side, extra discs to go along with the main Body Beast set that loser Barry bought me last fall, and a bomber jacket that I think would look pretty sweet on me.

Of course, I always leave gift cards at the top of my wishlist because it’s nice to have that flexibility, and that’s why I also love cash tributes which you can pay here.

If you want to explore  more of my wishlist, you can do so here or on my new Wishlist page.

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