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#Wishlist Wed: #CashSlaves Supplement #CashMaster ‘s Muscle Growth – #FinancialDomination

Moneyslaves, pay pigs, humanATMs – there are two ways in which “supplement” My muscle growth. One is of course by providing Me with supplements that help Me get bigger and stronger. The other is by supplementing My income so I can focus on working out more and other things less. Thanks to rubbercashslave and cashfagdirt for these.

BCAA’s are of course one of the best supplements to be taken, and while I had some in powder form before, it’s nice to get some capsules too. The other two include other ingredients to provide a stack that provides Me with more energy and push during each workout, stimulating testosterone increases and muscle growth.


#Wishlist Wed: #CashSlaves Keep #CashMaster Strong for Doom – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Well, the U.S. has just had its big election, and the results mean the end of the world is near! I’m kidding, and actually writing this up in advance for the queue before I know the results, but regardless of the winner, it’s important that I, Master Josh, keep getting stronger.

Thanks to cashfagdirt, this CashMaster can do that in tasty ways. Sometimes it’s nice to change things up from my normal berry-banana-greens smoothie with vanilla powder, and chocolate can hit just the spot. Having a chocolate flavored greens powder to mix in with the protein powder helps keep the Financial Domination Stud growing stronger.

Though the quest has had its interruptions in the past, I’ve been going good now for several months and would love your support to keep growing – as you buy Me more items from My wishlist, or – even better – allowing Me to focus more of My time on working out without worrying about bills thanks to inferiors like you as you pay for all My expenses!