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Why Do You Think You Can Resist? Give In – #financialdomination #hypnosis #financialfetish

A great number of my subs are what I call recurring subs… those guys that only hit you up once in a while. Some are always in the scene, simply making the rounds… but others legitimately try to make a break for it. Yet, they always come back. One of my newer regulars on Niteflirt ended up deactivating his profile…. he only lasted about a week before he was back.

Why fight what you know you will keep coming back to? Give in. This is what gives you pleasure. Perhaps that pleasure is tied into perverse humiliation, but you know it makes that cock so hard. Give in. You know deep down that you need to serve those are Superior. Give in. You know deep down that a Superior like Master Josh is far more worthy of your cash than you are.

And that thrill of giving to such a Superior… it just feels so right. Yet another sub just hit me up, originally with the thought of asking if he could send $20 (for the record, no one ever needs to ask me … just pay, pay, pay to your pig heart’s desire ). That soon became $75 … with chat of also hiring me for a custom file for which he’s willing to pay a higher than average price. I always take more, because I know that cash is far better off in my hands than yours.

Deep down, you know it too…¬†and that’s okay. You can go ahead and stop resisting. Just let that resistance fade away, and give in. Give in to what I want…. knowing that because my pleasure is your pleasure… it’s also what you want. Give in to what you want… which you know deep down is to pay your hypnotic cashmaster, Master Josh …

Stop fighting it… because you know even if you try, you’ll be back… so why even try. Just give in.