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New Training Files for #cashfags #humanATMs #slaves #chastity #findom #humiliation #more

Ever have one of those days? Even Superiors like Me have them… I’m on day 5 of a sore throat (which has meant lines off more than intended), although that did give me catch up with editing. Only to have some issues uploading (still waiting on word from one site, but they appear to finally be up on Niteflirt). Due to some of these unforeseen struggles, I might not get these posted to the recordings page or other sites until after the holiday … but I just had to share it with My fans here. So what do I have for you this holiday week? AFFIRMATIONS.

Yes, affirmations. Though that word probably makes people think new-age positivity, it actually means speaking the truth. And whether the truth is that you are a loser faggot or have a small cock or need to be financially ruined, it is good to hear these things and even to say them out loud. You’ll get both me driving the truth into your mind as well as the chance to repeat after me in these extended mantras.

What you won’t get is hypnosis … these are not to take you deep, but rather a different form of programming using repetition. Which means, unlike my other files, you can listen to these ones during your commute and other activities. I do use my usual music as the background for those that like it, but at a lower volume to help prevent unintentional trance. In case the music is a trigger, there’s also a version without music. And just as a bonus, there’s one additional short “I am” file …. (“I am a slave,” “I am a humanATM,” etc.). All of these have the potential to be looped and repeated over and over.

I hope to make more of these in the future, so be sure to leave that 5-star feedback to encourage me that you like these, and/or send me a message with your ideas for affirmations. Go ahead, and check them all out – including 30 to 60 second audio previews – below:

Trains you to be My HumanATM.

Trains you to be My CashFag.

Trains you to accept that you deserve financial ruin, and that I deserve to benefit from your ruin.

Reminds you that you are a loser faggot that is inferior to Master Josh. Also available as a version that removes “Master Josh” and is more general available for $10.99CLICK HERE TO BUY 10.99 VERSION!

Trains you to be a slave. Not gender or orientation specific, and not specific to Me.

Trains you to be a cumdump. Not gender specific for listener or to Me; makes you crave having those holes open wide for men’s cocks.

Trains you to accept that you need to be locked in chastity and obedient to your keyholder. Some allowance for virtual keyholder if you do self-chastity. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Reminds you that you are a small cock loser and that since you can’t please others sexually, you should please them in other ways. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Contact me if you have issues, and enjoy, losers!

Updates for #NiteFlirt #Hypnosis & More – #FinancialDomination

I’ve managed to remake the goody bags for most of my hypnosis mp3s available on NiteFlirt. If you’ve purchased one before, please note that the mp3s are all the same, I just had to recreate in order add the thumbnail files which I realized are necessary to appear in NiteFlirt’s goodies listings.

This also meant updating my embed codes along all five sites I have that list NiteFlirt, of which only three I can mention here as they are my NF compliant ones: this one, FinDomStud; http://pigmesmerizer.com featuring hypnosis files for pigs, slaves, pups, and those into chastity; and http://jockmesmerizer.com for jocks, muscle, & dumbing down hypnosis mp3s. I’ve also added new testimonials to the two mesmerizer sites – be sure to check out all the rave reviews & glowing feedback!

So it’s small stuff, but has taken up some time to do all that as well as create the thumbnails. I’ve also kept NiteFlirt on as much as possible during these times to take calls and continue to provide some hot talk from my sexy Dominant voice. If you enjoy my voice, files, and/or these sites, send your worship tributes, fag taxes, and general contributions in and help a Master out 😉