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#PaySlave MP3 Revised – #financialdomination #niteflirt

I’ve revised the payslave hypnosis training mp3 file, as well as the overall bills page – check both out here.

The bills page now includes options for different paid mail amounts that represent a bill or expense of mine. I felt the previous version was a bit too complicated, and this new version will allow for more simplicity. Whether you listen to the file or not, if you are my payslave you can pick at least one bill or expense a month. If you listen to the file, you will be molded to pay for one bill every month – making this payment your top priority over all other of your bills. Rather than due the 15th as before, it will be a suggestion of once per calendar month. I will likely post reminders on the 15th of the halfway point, and again at the end of the month on here.

As before and with all files requesting payment, it is up to you to pay. I am not chasing anybody down… this is about making MY life easier. Still, getting those payments gives me so much pleasure… and I know that in turn makes your cock so hard. Also a bit different – if anyone wants to get listed as a dedicated slave, that option remains, but now those wanting to do it anonymously also are free to do so.

One last change is a lower price – this version is now just $9.99. Go check it out 😉