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#CashMaster #Mindfucks #MoneySlave & Rakes More In – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had another call from BDogSlave…  a moneyslave that tries so hard to resist but ultimately gives in, just as all of you tend to ultimately do. Why even put up the fight? Accept your addiction. Embrace your desire to be used by Me and pay a Superior. It’s so much better that way – to not feel that torment but to just enjoy it. Sure, it might mean working harder to make sure you have that cash…. but fuck, that pleasure feels so good, it makes it all worth it, doesn’t it? I mean, I know this gave ME a lot of pleasure:

That’s right. $400 (before fees) in one short phone call. Who else needs used like that? To feel that rush of being mindfucked by Master Josh, perhaps with poppers in hand, sniffing as I use confusion and hypnosis techniques on you and make you crave My powerful voice – but especially making you crave that rush of mindless obedience as you pay more. It all just feels so good and so right for cashslaves like you to be left giving more. And you can give more right now as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR and pay a nice big tribute too.

#CashMaster Hard From #Tributes – #financialdomination #hypno #cashdrain #cashslave #cashdom

Congrats to HypnoBootsSlave for earning another badge – up to $1000 in tributes means Silver Tributer badge has been awarded! He got there after a great session, for which I’m including excepts below. I’ve inserted a read break as it’s a bit long, but also because I eventually use a Trigger – read at your own risk as always. Then add to my total for the day by paying for pleasure HERE. Again, I wish I could reverse this to start with the $10 but you’ll see how it all built up with the chat… perhaps you’ll feel the desire to keep paying too 😉

HSTributefromHBS 09152015

hypnosuperior: bet it feels so good deep inside whenever you get to pay Me
HypnoBootsSlave: It does, SIR.  It feels right to make Your life easier, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I love being able to life in comfort thanks to you. And each tribute gets Me so hard.
HypnoBootsSlave: Making Master Josh hard is green.  It is so good to suffer for You, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I’m glad you enjoy it slave. being able to budget, thrift, sacrifice for your Superior
hypnosuperior: giving Me that green that fills us both with pleasure
(after first $10 tribute)
HypnoBootsSlave: Yes, that feels better, SIR.
hypnosuperior: Good slave. For Me as well
hypnosuperior: always feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: and even better to get paid more by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right to get that green
hypnosuperior: harder with each higher tribute
HypnoBootsSlave: faggot account going down, while Master’s account gets hard with cash.
hypnosuperior: exactly slave
hypnosuperior: feeling so good to have less left in your accounts
hypnosuperior: as you put more right into my hands
hypnosuperior: for it is so right to please and pay Master Josh
hypnosuperior: to Pay Master Josh is pleasure
hypnosuperior: for My pleasure is your pleasure
hypnosuperior: feels so good whenever you pay Me for more pleasure
HypnoBootsSlave: Are You feeling good, SIR?
hypnosuperior: much better now slave
hypnosuperior: feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right when you pay and please Me
hypnosuperior: even as it strains your budget
hypnosuperior: simply knowing it’s your duty as an inferior
hypnosuperior: and giving Me what I deserve as your Superior
HypnoBootsSlave: SIR, Yes, SIR!

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It’s My Party Day – Good Reason to #Tribute #CashMaster #PayPig #FinDom

Today is “It’s My Party Day” – so let’s party! Or rather, why don’t you guys realize you are meant to sacrifice such fun as you work, work, work to make us CashMasters more so that WE can party.

I’m feeling in the mood to go out, it is also the weekend after all… why so don’t you pay pigs just let go for a moment with my hypnosis, for even if you don’t deserve to party you can still enjoy the pleasure of going into trance with my financial domination hypnosis for pay pigs, moneyslaves, cashfags, ATMs and more.

And then you can make sure to give me pleasure and plenty of reason to party by sending a nice big TRIBUTE. After all, doesn’t it feel so good to work and give, work and give, all so that I can live in comfort and luxury and enjoy doing whatever the hell I want when I want? Perhaps that’s not always the case… but certainly on a day like today, I deserve to have a good time… and you deserve to help me pay for it – so PAY NOW!