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#PaySlave MP3 Revised – #financialdomination #niteflirt

I’ve revised the payslave hypnosis training mp3 file, as well as the overall bills page – check both out here.

The bills page now includes options for different paid mail amounts that represent a bill or expense of mine. I felt the previous version was a bit too complicated, and this new version will allow for more simplicity. Whether you listen to the file or not, if you are my payslave you can pick at least one bill or expense a month. If you listen to the file, you will be molded to pay for one bill every month – making this payment your top priority over all other of your bills. Rather than due the 15th as before, it will be a suggestion of once per calendar month. I will likely post reminders on the 15th of the halfway point, and again at the end of the month on here.

As before and with all files requesting payment, it is up to you to pay. I am not chasing anybody down… this is about making MY life easier. Still, getting those payments gives me so much pleasure… and I know that in turn makes your cock so hard. Also a bit different – if anyone wants to get listed as a dedicated slave, that option remains, but now those wanting to do it anonymously also are free to do so.

One last change is a lower price – this version is now just $9.99. Go check it out 😉

Big Bills for #PaySlaves & Addicted #ATMs – #financialdomination

Well, yesterday I had a bit of a bill shock when I took my car into the shop and the estimate was much more than expected. I still don’t know the total, and am hoping that it won’t get any worse than the bad news I’ve already been given.

One bright spot is an ATM eager to help me pay for it… and today with a great session, he perhaps helped with 1/7th of the current estimated total (closer to 1/6th if you don’t count NF fees). It was hot to talk with him about the fantasy of calling my auto shop and putting it all on one of his credit cards… and though he probably can’t afford that much all at once, it’s definitely a thought that I love the thought of should any other payslaves wish to add over $1000 to their credit cards for Master’s benefit 😉

Making it even hotter for those of you into ruin… this brainwashed ATM recently learned he is being let go from his company. Now, he still has maybe six weeks left and already has an interview for Friday with the hopes that he can keep paying me for a long time to come… yet, there are no guarantees. But deep down, he knows he exists to make My life better, regardless of his own personal circumstances. I’d love to have some more ATMs programmed like him… ATMs, pay pigs, cashslaves, moneyfags… any that are ready to learn the pleasure of paying Master Josh and assuming my debts.

Want to help me out with unexpected car costs? Send Master Josh a big tribute here.

#cashslave #moneyslave put #Master 1st #FinancialDomination #FinDom

A sorta poem for cashslaves, not really a masterpiece – but it speaks the truth.

A Master’s needs come first
A Master’s wants come second
A cashslave’s needs come third
A cashslave’s wants don’t exist

The only want a cashslave is allowed
Is the want to please their Master
For Master’s pleasure is their pleasure
And that’s all a cashslave wants

For when Master is pleased
They are filled with pleasure
When Master is taken care of
They have fulfilled their purpose

Master Josh always needs more money
Master Josh always wants more money
Master Josh’s hypnosis molds cashslaves like you
And puts you down where you belong

Molding you to worship your new God
Molding you to be my ATM
Molding you to be my payslave
Molding you to crave financial ruin

So many options, even free samples
Give a listen and be programmed today
Brainwashed more and more with each listen
Into the cashslave of Master Josh

Needing to make sure I live in comfort
Needing to put Me first, above all
Needing to adjust your life