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#Humiliation Day – #CashMaster Recordings, Games, Etc to #Humiliate #CashFags & More

It’s Humiliation Day, the perfect day to remind you losers that I have certain recordings, games and more that is right up your alley.

There’s the recent Affirmation recordings for Loser Faggots, CumDumps, Financial Ruin, CashFags and more that you can check out here.

There’s the pay-per-call recordings for CashFag Castigation, Fag Beratement, Small Cock Loser, Ugly Disgusting Loser and more that you can check out here.

There’s hypnosis training to be FagMeat to be Used, to be a Gas Pedal, to be drained of cash so much that you get ruined and more in the hypnosis section here. Click on the links to my other Niteflirt-compliant sites and find even more, such as for bootlicking footrests and muscle slaves.

There’s the DARE game, a degradation PTV and more in the games section.

Of course, all you really need to be humiliated today is very simple… just stand naked in front of a full-length mirror. Of course, it’ll be much more satisfying if you add to that humiliation by sending some of your hard-earned cash to someone you know is Superior … someone like Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination Stud … so go ahead, TRIBUTE NOW and feel the pleasure of paying Me even as you are used, taken advantage of, and humiliated for My own benefit and pleasure.

New #faggot & #cashfag recordings – #financialdomination #humiliation

Four of my short 6-minute recordings have finally been approved by Niteflirt! Each of the four is $1.89/minute (may vary by country). Given NF has a connection fee and that recordings only earn 50%, anything less is you cashraping me – and we don’t want that.

The two most relevant to this site include (click the green hyperlinks for more & to call):
Ca$hFag Ca$tigation – Where I give out abuse to faggots needing to remember that I deserve their fucking money.
Faggot Beratement – General verbal abuse of pathetic faggots.

Of course, these and a few other upcoming Pay-Per-Calls aren’t truly representative of my more mild natured but HYPNOTIC self… but if you like it and want it live, just let me know faggot. I’m not a fucking mindreader, but if I know you just want an all-out verbal assault, I’ll do my best to put you down in your fucking place.

The two other recordings are for TheMesmerizer profile:
Jock Bro Invasion – Stroke along as the inner jock inside of you pushes out all doubt and invades your mind to leave you that awesome, body-focused, horny simple Alpha jock stud you long to be.
Into a Muscle Freak: Muscle Growth Roleplay – Imagine your muscles getting bigger with each stroke… your pecs… your arms… etc…. and then imagine they keep growing. (This is non-hypnotic but just roleplay – if you wish to feel hypnotic growth, check out the MP3s at http://jockmesmerizer.com).

I must admit I’m somewhat disappointed in Niteflirt’s phone system. The .wav files I uploaded sound inferior to the versions I have recorded on my computer – it must be their phone system. Still, having shorter .wavs to start with (as opposed to the longer ones, or edited down from longer ones from before) does seem to have a marginal improvement in the sound. I just hope any callers also try out some of my free mp3s to see the difference, and to know that the difference is courtesy of Niteflirt.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? I know your fagdick is already twitching to hear what I’ve recorded…. so go ahead and call, and leave me some amazing feedback once you realize just how my creative mind is truly helping to put you in your lowly place.