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No, I (Mostly) Don’t Read Scripts #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #Findom

I had someone tell me that it sounded like I was reading from a script. If I am not recording a file, I want to reassure you that I am not…. in most cases.

The one exception is with hypnosis when I do a technique utilizing words like “Right”/”Left” a lot. This is meant to be spoken faster, and I don’t quite have any of these down. The response to those that have listened to my files though is that they love this bit and how it helps them to go truly deep, so I throw it in if it seems somebody is really interested in hypnosis.

Everything else though? Off the cuff. Now, that’s not to say I don’t repeat some of the same lines from the files, but that’s because I know they work. I know they work because I have used them hundreds of times during sessions. And using them this much has allowed me to memorize them. When I read from a script for an induction? I was doing free sessions for practice, years ago. Of course now I charge, because I know I have improved – my feedback proves that, not just on NF but if you look at the raves/testimonials pages of my various sites.  My time is valuable, so I’m not going to give this away for free, especially to a loser like you. But, even as I get deep into your head and remind you how inferior you are – I am also a respectful guy. And so when you’re being charged per minute, I want to get you as deep as possible as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I can’t just say “Sleep” and you’re there.

However, if I say the full trigger phrase after you’ve listened to my files on a regular basis, that might work. That’s why I offer several free ones across my different sites. I know not everyone will see this before they see a listing, but if you do, please listen to a free file first to see how you’d like my style. I hope those that don’t, allow themselves to not be hung up on my techniques but to let those words just relax them. For once they let go…. that is when I get to the good stuff 😉

And even if you’re not into hypnosis – communicate. If you’re going to work with a Flirt, perhaps send them a message first letting them know what you’re into. I know sometimes you just want a quick jerk then and there, and sometimes people just aren’t a good match … but the best sessions I’ve had are from subs that really opened up to me about what they wanted… and that allowed me to use that go get in their minds, and open them up a bit more to what I want 😉  Even the ones that I haven’t hypnotized, if we can get on the same page then I can talk up that hot fantasy….

I know this isn’t the type of post many of you want… I will have more stuff coming soon… but sometimes this is the stuff that needs said. Just as sometimes you simply need to tribute me, for no other reason than to show that you respect what a thoughtful Superior I can be 😉


The trigger takes over. You have choice. You must obey. You must pay. The machine takes over.


It feels so good to provide Master Josh with convenience. It feels so good to let the machine take over. Instantly processing my request. Immediately sending me $20 as requested. PAY NOW.


The #Power of My #Dominant Voice thru #Niteflirt #Hypnosis

Cashcunts, I’ve been working hard on a custom file script, on my blogs (I don’t just do this as some of you know – love being a Mesmerizer of men for so many different goals and fetishes), and of course taking your calls. But one thing is becoming clear – those that do call for a real hypnosis session (as opposed to a quick wank), those that do listen to my hypnosis files – my words get in nice and deep. They make it hard to resist doing what you know deep down is right. Your subconscious is always thinking how that money could be better spent on a Superior like me. Your subconscious makes sure you never forget your place.

That’s why, it did not surprise me when after one using my ATM trigger or a larger amount ahead of a holiday weekend, I received payment from one sub a bit late with the note, “Sir, i have tried for 3 days now to resist the trigger but it is too much. i apologize for the delay.”

Three days he tried to resist… and yet he couldn’t. My hypnosis was too strong. My hypnosis makes you want to call again. To listen again. To give again. To give more.

It’s just what a true moneyslave needs, exactly what a human ATM requires, and what so many of you have really craved. Don’t resist. Let go to those desires. Allow yourself to be trained the way you have longed to be trained. Allow it all to sink into your head and become such a part of you that you get to the point where you no longer question it, no longer resist it… you just do. Automatically. For that is what is right when you were born inferior. That is what is right when you must serve that one Superior that really knows how to get inside your head.

#Raves #Reviews #Testimonials of my #Hypnosis & #Domination on #Niteflirt

I just made a new Raves page for the site using real feedback left on Niteflirt! Though I usually don’t use real screennames without permission, these are already public. That said, if you are on here & want your name removed, simple message me and I will oblige.

However, I’m hoping most of you will love the thought of your testimonials helping to make a true Superior even more money. And if you have yet to try my hypnosis, I hope these raves help convince you that sometimes it’s worth to spend a little extra for a nice long session to really get what you want. Jacking off for a few minutes to a voice leaves you empty. Exploring your desires as I lower your inhibitions and make fantasies feel real? Now that is TRUE POWER and will give your life meaning!

Check out all the Raves now!


On #CashFags – #FinancialDomination Thoughts

Once upon a time, I hated the idea of calling a guy a fag. I was raised to be a good boy and – generally speaking – am a strong proponent of equality. As I become more involved with hypnosis, I became more exposed to the different inner desires of men… and one of the hardest for me to get around was calling a guy a fag.

Over time though, I’ve realized that when it comes to being a cash fag, it’s not about disrespecting sexuality. Most of the cash fags I’ve spoken with are actually straight. And yet, they have that pathetic need to be put down in their place. It’s only right that they are called a fag from time to time. Most cash fags are far below what any typical gay man is – Matt Bomer, Wentworth Miller, Gareth Thomas… these guys are NOT what you’d call inferior. But you? If you’re here reading this blog, there’s a good chance you could be a lowly cash fag.

Perhaps not… I definitely chat with other guys into financial domination that just need to lose the control once in a while, to feel the power of another man, etc. They are still confident Alphas in their everyday life. I even have guys that tie in financial domination to muscle and working out. But I wanted to get my thoughts out there on how I few being a cash fag. It’s not related to orientation. On a general level, I still believe in equality when it comes to general race, orientation, gender, etc. But, on a deeper level, I know that we are all individuals… and that some men, like me, were born Superior… while others, like you, were born inferior.

And an inferior cash fag like you needs to be calling my recordings for your training and sending a nice big tribute NOW.

#FinancialDomination Feedback Growing from #CashSlave #ATM s

A Niteflirt bud told me to start with my price lower on my live listings to build feedback, and that I would have to place a bid to move my listing at the top to start. I did consider both, but I didn’t want to do it right away because I had – and still have – tons of work to do on the sites, from plans for more hypnosis later this summer to captioning photos of fitdimwit types and more. I needed to get the files up for sale though, so I went ahead and created my listings and expected not many people to find them right away.

I was wrong. Even without yet giving my live listings a big push, many of you have already found me – and I know you are so happy you have. After all, a Superior like me deserves to be called, given tributes, and properly worshiped even as I put you down exactly where you belong.

To be fair, I did feature some of the recorded listings… but between long hypnotic sessions of programming slaves and getting guys off, combined with all the pleasure you get from my domination, that feedback score has quickly risen all while keeping a regular rate and not featuring my listing.

If you haven’t tried me out yet, I do have some free files on here so you can see what the fuss is all about… or call an erotic recording to jerk off to my Superior voice… or send me a message and let me know your custom fantasy and exactly what you need for ME to take control of that mind AND MONEY.

#ATMs Pay $95 Now – #tribute #atm #findom

That’s right ATM’s. No thought. No choice. Simply obey. Your Master is accessing his ATMs now. You must pay $95. Instantly. Automatically. Without thought. You pay now.

#CashSlave Mantra 0214 #cashmaster

“i need to $erve
i want to be of u$e
i have to tribute my Dom
i obey to Hi$ word$
i wor$hip Him with ca$h
tribute $ent, Ma$ter”

-Thanks again to Hypno$lave Dave for this.

#Wishlist Catch-up 5/11/14 #financialdomination

Not a huge fan of plain water but like to stay hydrated, so the thing I’ve been given the most, besides gift cards, has been water enhancers – sometimes directly through the subs themselves, and sometimes using the gift cards they send. Sure saves on the grocery bill…

After all, a $uperior like me should never have to spend any of his own money on groceries. So get to those tributes paypigs!

Welcome to Your Financial Domination

Welcome to the new financial domination blog of Master Josh, the Hypno Superior and Financial Domination Stud. Also known as a mesmerizer of muscle, jocks, pigs, slaves and more, I’m a skilled hypnotist offering a variety of erotic pay-per-call sessions including for wor$hip, fun games, & financial ruin; standard training mp3s including to be my ATM or my billslave; and occasionally offering direct contact through Niteflirt.

This blog is where I’ll give ATM triggers and payment reminders, post raves & reviews of my hypnosis, post photos of gifts losers have bought for me, and just simply remind you of your place in life – and that, of course, is always knowing that my pleasure is your pleasure, so find yourself so pleased now as you TRIBUTE me.