More HypnoFiles to Pledge to Support Your Superior #HypnoMaster

You all have a good 4th? I’m still on vacation so have this in queue to announce some of the files I have being worked on for my other sites, in case you missed them elsewhere:

Once again, two new files are available to pledge on my Patreon:
SLAVE TO THE GYM – feel like the gym is your Master, commanding you to workout
GOOD BOY/PUP – an erotic file for human roleplay about unleashing one’s inner pup
$89 to pledge one or $150 for both … either way incredible savings! I normally charge $200 for most files or $300 for taboo or repetitive-of-my-existing-ones files.

I’m also giving you the chance to join in on these custom files for $100 each – but you must hit me up before I record, as it will be too late after that point.
DRILL SERGEANT WORKOUT – an authoritative voice commanding you to workout with your “brothers”/unit
EROTIC DUMB JOCK – stroke and dumb down (permanently? temporarily?) as you become that dumb jock
SUPERHERO WORKOUT – feel your inner superhero unleashed while working out
… Join in on any by… oh, I can’t do the invoice at this site 😛 Message me and I’ll link you to it. 

I have family conflict limiting my online time rest of this week, but as always you can e-mail me at ( hypnosuperior at gmail dt com ) to discuss any of these, and that means you have at least until Monday (7/10/17) to join in on any of the three join-ins. After that, it’s until I record, so check with me before purchase. As for the first two files mentioned, you pledge this month, so payment goes through Aug. 1st, and I begin work after that as soon as I can.

The time spent on these hasn’t matched the money I’ve received, so I am only offering one poll and one file as a custom pledge in August – you can also go vote for that now or pledge either or both Slave to the Gym and/or Good Boy/Pup by visiting

Of course, you can always write me about your own custom ideas!

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