#CashMaster ‘s Pain Should Mean Gain from #CashSlaves & #PayPigs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Yesterday, I had a wisdom tooth extracted after some infection issues. It was my first and so far only one out, and it was more painful than what I expected. Financially, it was about $300 worth of pain that I’m sure you’d all love to chip in with. But I’m also on meds and a bit out of it, so apologies for once again not being on much yesterday/today/hopefully not much longer.

Honestly there’s so much more work I need done on my teeth but it’s one of those things I put off. I definitely dream about the day I have enough stockpiled from all of you – your savings, your debt, etc. – that I can do that. Or Lasik. Or anything else I want. Using your money to give your Superior all the Superior perks and looks he deserves to have. That I deserve to have.

We’ll have to chat more about debt and credit cards soon, for those turned on by such things ….. and everyone else can just give as they can afford…. suffering and sacrificing for My benefit …. and right now, that cash to help make up from the combination of dental bill and being out of commission a couple of days would sure be a great way to show that you know your place as MY inferior.

Tribute now, inferior, and show Master that MY needs and wants supersede your needs and especially wants.

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