#CashMaster Back to Collect #FagTax #Tributes from #CashSlaves

I know, I haven’t posted much. After posting about the illness in the family – the person passed. The combination of the time spent dealing with that and my previous dental work left me behind on work, so even though I’ve been back a bit, I had been catching up on custom file hires and not blogging. But I have had some good sessions in there that I’ll chat about as I get back to blogging – including another $200 from BDogSlave.

I also have expanded on the ways you can tribute, with options between $3 and $300 available via IndieBill:

If anyone wants in on some custom files coming up that I’ll be working on, $100 to get in on custom files for “Frat Jock” (with temporary dumb triggers), “Shave Addict” (addicted to shaving neck down), “Erotic Redneck Transformation” (becoming more of a muscled redneck stereotype).

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