To Worship & #Slave Me without #FinDom ? Don’t Think So!

At least not yet.

A while back, I had some files for online slave, online sub, and worship of a more general nature. But I wasn’t always sure who was listening, and I didn’t exactly have time for everyone that was listening. On top of that, I’ve never been one that’s gotten off on giving orders (maybe if it’s a hot sub in person, but even then I tend to prefer hypnotic influence).

Of course, I’ve found ways to do certain online submission … my for Coach files having guys work out and eat right to please me, sending me pics of their progress along the way. And, what this site is all about, financial domination.

The old files have come to mind recently, first because of a sub that gave me an unwarranted bad review of my new “Wor$hip” file – complaining of cash slavery in it when the description said, “erotic hypnosis for financial domination.” If it says for financial domination, it is for financial DOMINATION, and if I put a title with dollar $ign$, the Hypno$uperior is likely wanting your ca$h. So, just because someone can’t read, now I have a negative review that could discourage future buyers of that file, and it’s a damn $hame, I love to be financially wor$hipped.

The other thing that happened is a custom file I was hired for. The person buying the file wants something to be my hypnoslave. He’s too far to meet, nor have I seen a photo. So how does one mold a hypnoslave, when one doesn’t have time for hypnoslaves? Of course, I make time for money if it’s a financial hypnoslave, because it’s always good to make money NOW. Of course, if I’m not in such a session, I’m often working on things with writing scripts, etc., that could help me make money in the future. It’s not like I’m only making time because of the money – but rather, the new activity slides into my schedule, and my timetable for getting the other files gets pushed back. So that’s what I mean when I say I don’t have time, but will make time for cash. Yet, if it’s simply giving orders to online slaves who aren’t paying, how am I enjoying my bills? I bring you pleasure… but what do I get?

My good ATMs and cashslaves understand Master is busy and that his time is always valuable, even though they also know Master does take some time to relax as well. Who doesn’t? But they know I work hard and deserve that time to relax, and also deserve to have any interrupted time properly compensated. They also know that cash is my greatest pleasure, and they love to please me. My workout jocks know that muscle is my second greatest pleasure, and I love to see them getting bigger and stronger for Coach.

The question is, if this guy isn’t into financial domination or showing off his muscle (and I am not sure of these yet, as I’m waiting to hear his response to my last e-mail) – what kind of suggestions do I make for him, when I don’t have the time to be out controlling him?  Because even if I don’t have the time for that, he has paid for a custom file and I do want to make an excellent file for him that he would enjoy. I know one element of it… just trying to figure out everything else. Ideas welcome in the comments.

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