Power of #Hypnotic Suggestion on #Poppers – #financialdomination #cashslavery

Still being a bit new to poppers, I find myself sometimes questioning the effect – especially when people want to combine with hypnosis. Most have said they don’t mix, and I think that’s probably true for more long-term changes. I realized today though that they can very much mix for short-term pleasure.

I was having a session with one of my favorite poppers fags, who I love playing different games with such as having him spin the wheel or play some online black jack… though sometimes we just mix it in with paying for poppers as I also attempt to take him into trance. He always seems to enjoy himself, but I never have felt like he was tranced as the normal signs weren’t there (as this slave lets me watch him on camera so I can monitor his progress).

Yesterday though, I used a method from one of the recent confusion scripts I’ve written and hope to have up soon, involving feeling pleasure whenever I said the name of a color. I then said, “The deeper you go, the better you feel… and the better you feel, the deeper you go. That’s something I *READ* once upon a time.” Because of how we hear words, it worked – and his eyes shut back as if he was about to orgasm.

We had a bit more fun today as I drained him of his remaining balance… and of course, he loved it as I drained him of all that GREEN. 😉

Now, generally you do want to avoid poppers, meth, being too drunk, even something simple like caffeine before any hypnosis. But it’s fun to realize that my powerful voice can still have quite the effect on a poppered up faggot too.

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