Major Payment Company Has to Pay Fines – Serves Them Right

A certain payment company that I can’t name here has been hit with a $25 million fine for, in part, mishandling complaints. It’s about time something like that happened. It’s sad that such a major company has far worse customer service than a fetish service like Niteflirt. Though there are a few things I think could be better (having male banners and an improved ratings system), I have always received personal responses from them whereas that other company, when I had an issue once, gave me an incredible run around. Yet even in trying to complain to the BBB, it was difficult to do so. If you google that company, it’s easy to find websites galore of people that have been spurned by that company – yet they have a great BBB rating? There obviously wasn’t something right there, so it’s good to see that they can be taken to task for their practices. Thanks to NF for having better customer service than the larger corporations.

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