Loved The Thought of #Brainwashing Long Ago

Every so often, someone asks me what started my interest in hypnosis. Unlike some, I haven’t been a hypnophile since watching something like “The Jungle Book,” but rather started exploring it in my 20s (now in my 30s) as an extension of my interest in transformation. I loved the thought that people could be made to experience new things or even changed to become new.

Looking back, though, I think a part of me always had a side that was fascinated by the evil idea of brainwashing. Now, brainwashing isn’t what I do – it’s a fantasy, and real hypnosis is different. Any programs that, to our knowledge, were attempted by the government also involved the use of drugs. I don’t have a prescription pad or the resources to experiment with this, nor would I want to for legal reasons.

That doesn’t make the fantasy even less hot. And as I thought about, even though I didn’t fully understand it, I always loved the episodes of things where a hero was brainwashed by a villain, or other such nonsense. I know I’ve spoken to those toons before, but I realized something more: When I played with my own toys, there often was a bad toy or two at the start… and plenty more bad ones towards the end as more and more were brainwashed, before the few remaining good ones started beat the “bad guys” and undid the effects of such brainwashing.  Yep, the dark appeal of mind manipulation has long appealed to me.

It’s interesting to think how such a topic fascinated me even way back when. It’s no wonder that once I did find hypnosis, my interest in learning about it grew from more than just wanting workout inspiration, to the budding mini-empire you see before you today 😉 The idea that I could “brainwash” people into giving me money certainly had its appeals too. Of course, I can’t really, truly brainwash you… but the repetition of my words can program you and make you feel things you never knew possible.

Go ahead, if you haven’t tried my hypnosis yet, give it a try.

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