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Even though I do sometimes get those that make me want to vent, the majority of my interactions with subs are ones I love. I love giving them pleasure and enjoyment through my hypnosis, games, and this blog. I love knowing that they appreciate a creative Superior like myself.

These subs also help me learn at times, because, even though I always had feelings of Superiority – as I’ve blogged about a couple times – I didn’t know what I could do with that. I didn’t know that this existed.  And a Dominant Alpha like me can full well be Superior and yet have room to learn – and these subs have helped me learn.

Now, as a Superior that’s fairly normal, I love anything that saves me cash. If I had a choice of getting to eat a $5 dinner and a $25 dinner, with everything else the same, of course I’d only want to pay $5. And foolishly, I thought a poppers fag might be so excited to get a low amount like $5 on my spinner wheel. But when working with one of my favorite poppers fag, who loves the new spin wheels for getting to pay for poppers, the low amounts were ho-hum… but the big amounts were exciting. I’d never seen someone so happy to have to pay $100 – and just to get to sniff. Well, obviously there’s more to it than that… but the mindset of inferiors does sometimes perplex me.  And as I learn from subs, and see what turns them on, it helps me grow. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. And there are still things I’m simply not keen to do – as I said yesterday, I am who I am, this isn’t some persona like 80% of the others. It’s me, even when that leaves me vulnerable, even when I get too emotional, even when I screw up.

But to get to work with subs like that… who enjoy it so much… that teach me things even when they don’t realize they’re teaching me… it’s fantastic. And while some Doms love seeing the scars, I am the one that loves seeing the smiles. The ATM I work with the most is often telling me about how much he loves to pay me. How I’ve made his life so much better. Meanwhile, he’s also making my life better. I love it. We’re both happy, which is as it should be … for MY pleasure is his pleasure, just as MY pleasure should be your pleasure. And of course, what pleases me most is to get paid 😉

Another sub just wrote me, “So far the wor$hip file is the most amazing one for me. I love the part where you say “repeat after me” and you have a prayer to the superior man you are. In fact, just mentioning it makes me want to go listen now. I am definitely going to enjoy worshipping you Sir. Every stroke makes my will grow weaker and weaker, and your power grows.”

I love it. And this is what I’ve been able to do with subs that bow down to the Superior I am and embrace my skillset in hypnosis as something that can help them accept the truths they need to learn about themselves, while also helping those inhibitions disappear as desire becomes stronger. Yet, I am learning. I think some Doms had explored the sub side first, and others had a friend that was in the business first that taught them the ropes. For me, it’s been me by myself learning the whole time. The hypnosis is self-taught. Using sites like Weebly and WordPress to build websites has been self-taught. Which I think just makes it all the more impressive, and I’m sure most of you agree.

Finally, I had one sub recently write this to me: “Thought you might get a kick out of this – I check your blog pretty frequently.  It’s part of my get off work routine, and if I’m horny (frequently I am) I check it on my phone at work.  I get used to the titles of the entires.  Today when I got home I saw the words “ATM” flash at the top and actually shouted out “YES” with an arm pump.  I realized right then what a strange thing for me to respond so well to… You might be effecting more change than you or I anticipated.”

I absolutely love it. I love knowing my words are effecting change. I love that the sub gets so much pleasure from being used by me. I love that the pleasure has become so great that he would actually shout yes with an arm pump. Sometimes this business – and really, that’s what it is at its core – gets a bit discouraging. But working with subs like the four mention here… knowing we’re both feeling pleasure… me as I make money, the sub as they explore their fetishes and get to serve a true Superior…. it’s fucking fantastic.

Sometimes I get in a mood and like to be a bit more abusive… but mostly I love to make subs smile. Because when they smile, they give me more cash 😉 Who needs to be aggressive, when there’s such a better way?

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