It’s Enough to Know I’m #Superior – #financialdomination

Originally I had a different, lighter post… that I was more excited about.. planned for tonight. I’m going to put that in queue for tomorrow, for another vent.

I’m one of the few Doms that puts his real self out there. Even those times where it’s not quite the real me, such as my pay-per-call recordings, I put disclaimers so you all know what to expect with me. I provide free files so you have an idea. I use my real pictures, and even though I’m not a cam Master, I am not afraid to show myself to you to prove I am me. This is all stuff I’ve said before… recently, in fact. But some people just don’t understand.

You see, because a lot of fags and losers are selfish, they think they can put demands on the Doms. They think they can tell the Dom how to act. There is a bit of truth to this – you are paying for the Dom to help with your fantasies. But that does NOT mean you are in charge, and can push your fantasies onto other Doms. Because deep down there is a truth that We know, and that you know… you are inferior, and We are Superior.

Now, it might be Superior in different ways. Some might have Superior bodies they flex; some might have Superior egos that allow them to shout their cocky messages at you; some might have Superior skills of perversion or persuasion or… anything. In my case, it’s my creativity as best shown through the hypnosis, but as I’m also trying to expand through games, non-hypnosis recordings, and more. It’s more than though… it’s just a sense of being better. A sense that I am entitled to your money. A sense that I shouldn’t have to work some dead-end job when I can instead work on the stuff I enjoy – the blogs and hypnosis – because you help pay for it… and at my own work-from-home schedule to boot! No worrying about taking vacation days for days like tomorrow, when I leave to travel for the weekend.

I’ve always been a friendly guy that became friends with all types, and yet whenever I ended up hanging with people I thought weren’t as popular or good-looking… I always felt I was better like them. Like I’d been suckered in because I was too nice, but I belonged somewhere else. And that’s not to say I didn’t hang with cool people too… I just was the type of guy that hung with everyone, especially in college. From cheerleaders to theater geeks to stoners to members of the football team, I took turns hanging with everyone.

And yet, out of that environment, I find myself even more selective. I got messages from people that I don’t want to meet, and instantly pass on them. I have no interest in meeting most of you for real-time sessions. I know there could be real money in it, but I just feel like I’m better than that, and better than most of those people that message. I wait for the cool kids, the handsome guys, etc. And it’s not that I’m perfect myself, though I’ve been working out more. It’s that I just feel SUPERIOR.

Having talked to many of you, I know many of you feel inadequate in some ways. For some, it’s because you think being homosexual means you are lesser, even when you recognize there are those like me that disagree. For some, it’s because of your small cock. For some, you were bullied and it became the only real only thrill you knew in your pathetic existence. For some, you probably didn’t get shown enough love growing up so you try to buy the love of Superior men. It doesn’t matter why… you just know you’re inferior, just as I simply know I AM SUPERIOR.

I don’t need to be aggressive for it. I don’t need to be a control freak for it (as I said above, I love my flexibility). I know from the popularity of this blog and my files and the feedback, that there are enough of you that like my style of Superiority. That appreciate my creativity. Yet every once in a while, I get the people that call me out on not being aggressive enough – even when it’s been well established with them that such a style isn’t what to expect from me.

One particular fag called me out on this, left… then came back. Then did the same thing again. So when he did the same thing a third time (or was it fourth? I’m already starting to lose count), I called him out on it. I do think part of the problem with e-mail is tone – you can never tell a person’s tone. And perhaps I felt more insulted from him than I should have in the first place… but I don’t think he gets it. It is insulting to Me, a Superior, to call me out on something that we both know – and to do it repeatedly. And it’s particular insulting because, as I said above… I put the real me out there. Other guys put on their bravado and fake it, and trust me, I know, because at least one Flirt is (or was?) also c-shwh-re27, and while I won’t out the Flirt ID, if you know who I’m talking about, you might be disgusted to think that is the guy you called and gave your money to. I don’t know if he reads this blog but name slightly edited to prevent google searches. Point being though… I AM ME. So if you don’t like me, and you are inferior …. don’t insult me. Even if you’re trying to be polite with it, stop pointing out the obvious. Yeah, I know I’m not “dominant enough” for a lot of fags that like that rough, hard stuff. I’m honest about it. But I’m perfectly Superior enough to dominate many others, and am not worried about it.

Anyway, I simply pointed out that it was “tiresome” to be called out on this – and the fag freaked out, telling me to fuck off before blocking me. Oh, and reminding me about treating someone the way I did him when I’d taken a lot of his money. I’m pretty sure it was always my money to begin with. As I said though, some of it is just misreading tone… I really thought I was being polite. I had wished him luck in finding a better match. But apparently calling him out for his repeated insults, is enough to set him off.

I still bet he comes back. Maybe not, but if not, some other loser will take his place. Especially as I get new files, new games, so much more going on later this summer … it will all be his loss. And hopefully some other Dominant has better luck with him than I did, because he definitely needs to be put down where he belongs. It’s not the first time he showed way too much attitude. Inferiors don’t get the right to have attitudes. Meanwhile, I have had three others asking me this last week about “can’t you do poppers like this?” and “why don’t you cam with your feet” etc. etc.

Though I’m hoping to expand, it’d be great if they’d just fucking read the FAQ, read the blog, etc. and get an idea of who I am. If they decide I’m for them, great. Let’s do some hypnosis, let’s do some poppers, let’s chat up how you simply crave that cock … whatever. When we communicate, I do try. But if I say that’s not really my style … looking elsewhere, or use me but don’t complain after when it’s not what you’re looking for. I don’t need to hear about how your stupid faggot brain wants something else.

As for those of you who are so much better and get it… well, this is already long, so we’ll save that one for tomorrow 😉

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