#humiliation task ideas – #financialdomination

I’m working on something that involves humiliation tasks. These are ones that should be easy enough for one to do on their own and also Niteflirt compliant (which rules out a lot such as with to-lets). I have over 20 compiled but would love to get a few more… what thoughts do some of you fellow Masters have on humiliating inferiors? How about you slaves and fags – what ways have you been really humiliated?

And just for the record… I’m not the best Master to call if you want humiliation. It’s not exactly my thing… but being creative is, as seen through the hypnosis, and I had a creative idea involving humiliation. But if you want to crave humiliation even more, or to let go of your inhibitions, hypnosis can help with that… so I am a good person to call to help you embrace that need for humiliation and all those tawdry things that you know deep down you just want to do…  Let me be that push 😉 Try one of my free files first then call for some hypnotic stroke training, fag.

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