Good Day for #FinancialDomination

Actually, it’s been a good week – and a great day. I’m going out tonight, or I’d wait to post this closer towards the end of the night (of course, always the chance for more files / etc. to be purchased before the night is done, even if I’m not online, so maybe there will be more). And to think…. none of this was from the ATM trigger either. Rather, most of it was some fun with the games.

HypnoSuperiorNF GoodDay 06062015

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One thought on “Good Day for #FinancialDomination”

  1. Sir,

    I’m new to the cash slavery idea, and it’s mind blowing and cock hardening to me that you were tributed at least $956 in just one friggin’ day! Most people don’t make $1,000/week when working 40 hours. What goes through your mind when you see that?!

    Although I’m a little bothered by it because I have to work long hours for a lot less, I find myself wanting to see and make the number go higher for some reason. And you seem to know what to say to hit a lot of my buttons. I’d love to know how you got into this, if you expected to make this much and if you have a yearly goal total you’d like to reach.


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