#Fags don’t have a right to high standards – #financialdomination

Was doing some text pay-to-views with a fag into poppers the other day. I’d be curious to hear about what some of you enjoy for this – I feel like I’m trying so hard sometimes to write stuff that gets you off while also molding you to my pleasure, that I end up being slow. So with this last fag, I was trying to rush. He was all into it, but then got turned off by something I said and blocked him. The basics was a misunderstanding… I was trying to suggest that he’d feel pleasure in tributing me, whether he had poppers or not. But in my hurry, I misworded, and he thought I meant “if he had a bottle now”, when I knew he did, as opposed to “if you have a bottle or not in the future”, you’d still feel pleasure. I mean, just a couple lines down, I’m ordering the pathetic fucker to SNIFF… obviously I knew he had poppers. But rather than realize that faggots have no right to expect perfection, so long as they are enjoying themselves overall, the stupid fucker blocks me.

First of all, everyone knows my style is hypnosis. I don’t do hypnosis with all who call, but it’s generally a more laid back style, as mentioned in my profile and as I warned him when he first inquired about working with me. So to lose a needy whiny faggot who needs poppers to get off – no big loss, as far as I’m concerned. That wasn’t my strength, I just was in it for what cash I could get while I could, but I’ll get back to writing scripts for my upcoming files now and keep playing to my strengths.

What bothers me though is that a faggot would have such high standards. Faggots shouldn’t. You’re inferior, you’re pathetic. That doesn’t mean you should just bow down to any Master – I’ve spoken about the right fit before. It does mean you do NOT under any circumstances be a rude little bitch to your Superior. If it’s not a match, you politely move on with respect, fully knowing your place.

I’m not sure how my tone reads here… I’m actually pretty calm as I write this. But man, as much as I am usually more laid back, and generally someone that focuses on bringing inferiors pleasure through my hypnosis … there are certain faggots that just make it so easy to despise their very existence.

Anyway, though hypnosis and similar stroke training continue to be my main focus, I’m always open to learn more. I don’t like to force stuff if it doesn’t come natural and some things just don’t and perhaps never will interest me, but if you get into paying for poppers, how do you like it? Short & direct? Or the Master really working how you feel?

3 thoughts on “#Fags don’t have a right to high standards – #financialdomination”

  1. Hmm, tough call. When you’re working a site like NiteFlirt fags can feel a bit like customers so the traditional master-sub dynamic doesn’t always play through. And maybe he blocked you because he got scared, as a courtesy to not have you trouble yourself with him in the future, etc. I wouldn’t read a lot into it.

    Fags are picky about their popper play. I find it best to hammer them and get them fucked up and under my control. A few simple and slow drains one at a time with some nice long deep hits attached and then on the 4th or 5th PTV I send them consecutively so they get they new PTV while they are still following the orders from the last one. It gets them all confused and fucked up and always brings in more cash for me. And with the right fags, then I cut them off and simply order them to tribute and show me how much they want me to continue using them.

    Fucking fags. So need, but some much cash to exploit.

    1. Great input, and great idea about the 4th & 5th. The confusion element is sometimes used in hypnosis to help a person go deeper, so it makes sense it’d work with a poppers mindfuck too. I had one who has been having trouble commenting here who PM’d me that confirmed that as much as he enjoys it, sometimes he does get a bit inpatient if it’s slow and cums early.

      1. Yes, the impatience. Before I started abusing fags I went online as one and did a few calls and PTV with different masters to see their approaches. Obviously it is a personal thing, but the one who was able to get even my Alpha juices going did more PTV messages with shorter messages. I think the constant back and forth and the brevity of the messages (4-5 sentences typically) got my head spinning more quickly.

        Regardless, it’s fuckin’ fun to figure out what will fuck fags up and get them to a place where we can hit them for bigger amounts.

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