#Cashmaster loves #shopping with #fagcash & giftcards

Now, those cash tributes go to a variety of things – bills, food, taxes, savings, social life fun… but the gift cards are of course designated for shopping. I could of course also save gift cards and let them pile up, since the ones I get most commonly don’t expire… yet, I always find myself using them up right away.

I mean, my wishlist items total over a million dollars…. and I’d say this helps chip away from it, except for that I’m always finding new things I want! I’ve said before that I am greedy, and that is so true with these cards (although I have occasionally used them to buy family holiday presents and the like as well – so much rewarding to go present shopping when I’m not losing any of my own cash!). But, rather than just wait until I really need an item, I use those gift cards to get what I WANT – and that’s just how it should be. And whether you’re an ATM, pay pig or cashfag, I know that you know it too.

I’ll of course take some photos of what I buy from my shopping spree and spread the fun of it through the blog… it’s always fun to post what I’m enjoying thanks to your payments. If you’d like to check out some of the current items on my wishlist including gift cards, click here or just send some nice cash here.

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