Back to #FinancialDomination

It feels like forever since I’ve been able to devote quality time to the blog. I had things all scheduled out for getting things in queue before I had to worry about a move… only to have the matter be forced sooner by the roommate.

Now, I could have still done some more blogging… but I decided to treat myself instead when I had some extra time…. to go see the sights of LA… to try restaurants I had yet to try… to soak it all in before I hit the road. And I did this with what I had saved up from all you inferiors.

Now though, it’s time to restock those savings. Between enjoying myself before heading back to the Midwest, gas and hotels along my journey, a flat tire, leaving some stuff behind and needing to restock up on groceries and essentials, Master has been spending all of your cash. Which means, getting back to being active so I can drain more cash from all my ATMs, pay pigs, and other inferiors.

All those things listed as New Year’s resolutions… well, they may have been delayed. But there still goals for the year. More files. More milking on Niteflirt. More hypnotizing your weak minds to enjoy the pleasure of paying Master Josh. So stay tuned…  there’s more hot financial domination to come.

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