#Wishlist Wednesday 10/22/14 – #FinancialDomination #Cashmaster

One of my favorite losers, ‘B’, loves to buy me gifts… it’s such a rush for him to see it when I take the photos and post them online, and I know it could be a rush for you too. I’m going to be splitting up what he bought me into a few posts, starting with the smallest two…. a nice new brown leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger and a new DVD set that I hope to find the time to use soon, Body Beast by Beachbody.


One was an item I was needing, another that I wanted…. and either way it’s only right for pay pigs like you to sacrifice your own wants to help take care of a true Superior’s wants and needs. What do you need with that fagcash anyway? Wouldn’t you rather spend it on a cashmaster and get hours of endless pleasure stroking your cock as you listen to my hypnosis and read over my posts – even posts that might make a reference to you? I know your cock is already throbbing at the thought.

Why don’t you shop my wishlist now?

Newly added is an external storage drive that will come in handy as I keep on making more and more hypnosis files… my current laptop is running out of room. And of course those gift cards ahead of the holiday season are always a terrific way for you to spend your piggy money helping a Superior buy better gifts for his family then you’ll end up buying for your own.  A nice big tribute always never hurt…. me 😉

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