#Wishlist Catchup 5/28/14 #Niteflirt #Domination #Hypnosis

Well, hey there cashfags. I bet you love seeing the things other moneyslaves have bought me, and what I’ve bought myself using all those gift cards on YOUR dime. If these gifts haven’t been on  your dime, what are you waiting for? Serve the Superior that really knows how to get inside that pathetic little head of yours and send some nice tributes now. Instead of a boring scale, I was able to get one that tells pounds, water, fat, bone and muscle levels – it’s so good to be able to splurge thanks to my inferiors.

But there’s so many more things I want, and what I want is way more important than what you need. You know deep down this is true. You know this is why you must call my recordings, buy my files, and call for some nice deep training of that mind – over and over. But that is never enough cash. You must always spend more for your Superior. More is always Right. More until nothing is Left. And that feels so Right. Call. Give. Listen. Tribute.

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