#Wishlist Catch-up 5/23/14 – #FinDom #CashSlaves

$lut Shawn’s gift cards last spring helped me get this nice printer/scanner as well as some of the ink. He loved his milking – as many other masters know too, thus the $lut part – and it sure was great to get so many things I had wanted from him (I’ve posted a few other gifts in other catch-up posts this month too).

Of course, I always prefer when my cashslaves and moneypigs are loyal, for I am the one true Superior that can really get in their and take them … perhaps you … so very deep.  I bet you already feel that need to give me starting to grow as you sense the power of my words reaching deep inside of you and reminding you of what is right. That deep need to just give in to your desires, and then give in to me. TRIBUTE.

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