What #Hypnosis #Files Do You Want? #Slaves #Pigs #Jocks #FinancialDomination – plus fixed link.

I was informed that my Amazon link in my birthday post had an extra space in it making it not function. It is fixed and if you need a working one ahead of my birthday on July 24th, here it is.

I’m also getting to the point where I’m finally going to be writing some new scripts. I have plenty of ideas already, but am also reminding you all that you can submit your thoughts. I make no promises on if or when I might do a file, and anything too unique or that you want urgently is something you should save up for and pay to get a custom file. But if it’s something you’d like at some point down the road, I am definitely open to any and all ideas so long as they are compliant with NiteFlirt policies and do not have to do with therapy (I am not a hypnotherapist, I am a hypnotist).

So send in your ideas – be it for this site, or my other sites, erotic or standard, or some other crazy fantasy you have…. comment below if you wish. I’m going to start getting into writing mode next week.

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