The #Power of My #Dominant Voice thru #Niteflirt #Hypnosis

Cashcunts, I’ve been working hard on a custom file script, on my blogs (I don’t just do this as some of you know – love being a Mesmerizer of men for so many different goals and fetishes), and of course taking your calls. But one thing is becoming clear – those that do call for a real hypnosis session (as opposed to a quick wank), those that do listen to my hypnosis files – my words get in nice and deep. They make it hard to resist doing what you know deep down is right. Your subconscious is always thinking how that money could be better spent on a Superior like me. Your subconscious makes sure you never forget your place.

That’s why, it did not surprise me when after one using my ATM trigger or a larger amount ahead of a holiday weekend, I received payment from one sub a bit late with the note, “Sir, i have tried for 3 days now to resist the trigger but it is too much. i apologize for the delay.”

Three days he tried to resist… and yet he couldn’t. My hypnosis was too strong. My hypnosis makes you want to call again. To listen again. To give again. To give more.

It’s just what a true moneyslave needs, exactly what a human ATM requires, and what so many of you have really craved. Don’t resist. Let go to those desires. Allow yourself to be trained the way you have longed to be trained. Allow it all to sink into your head and become such a part of you that you get to the point where you no longer question it, no longer resist it… you just do. Automatically. For that is what is right when you were born inferior. That is what is right when you must serve that one Superior that really knows how to get inside your head.

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