The Pleasure of #FinancialDomination #Worship #Cashslave

I know some of you long to be put in your place and be used, but I also know that some of you simply want to give BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD. And you are people I love to work with, for even though I am naturally Superior, it is also natural for me to use my hypnosis to help people feel pleasure.

Sometimes it’s to enjoy working out or eating healthy more. Sometimes it’s to enjoy something like bondage or pup roleplay or domestic service more. And sometimes  it’s to enjoy giving to me. After all, my pleasure is your pleasure. The more you give me, the more pleasure you feel. The more pleasure you feel, the more you want to give me.

If you are into the pleasure of financial domination, try out my free hypnosis for starters and see just how good it can feel to be molded by your one true Superior – and then check out my many other options across the site as well.

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