Spotlight on: Outlast Cum #financialdomination Game


Have you checked out all my erotic recordings yet? I’m sure you cashpigs will find something right up your alley, be it shopping for me as you lavish your God with gifts, allowing yourself to become so dumb that it’s easy for me to take advantage of you, or even being led to your financial ruin.

One that I’m really proud of is “Can You Outlast? $1000 Cum Game.” It’s simple – if you cum right away while stroking to my voice, you owe me $1000 (or, rather, $999 if using Niteflirt tribute buttons). The longer you last, the less you owe. Get to the end and you MIGHT not owe me anything, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I don’t usually refer to members without permission or fake nicknames on here but since reviews can be seen by others as it is, that is one exception (simply message me if you’d like an edit). But as you can see from the attached above, it’s given at least one listener an amazing orgasm – one I’m sure was worth the money lost to me 😉

So what are you waiting for? Visit this page for my erotic listings then give it a call and see if you can outlast my hypnotic voice.

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