Sometimes I Feel Like a #God – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

Sometimes feel like a god.

I say sometimes, because anyone that says they *always* feel like a god is either faking it or delusional. And since I’m not one for faking it, I tell it like it is.

But there are those times I do truly feel god-like – and how could I not? Using hypnosis to get in people’s heads to shape them and mold them? Knowing I am helping people get more fit and muscular? Knowing I am helping slaves accept their need for submission, and pigs there need for… well, being a pig?

Of course best of all is the reason for this blog… when my hypnosis is used to remind you all of how my pleasure is your pleasure, and how it feels so good – even if humiliating – to be put down in your place, serving your GOD.

And after some frustration with web stuff yesterday, and knowing I’ll have some work ahead of me, I also woke up today feeling like a GOD. And I sure hope you all are ready to tribute!


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