Right to #Pay the #Superior – #financialdomination #cashmaster

Admit it… if you’re reading this blog out of interests (as opposed to checking out competition), then there’s a part of you that has a deep craving to serve those that are superior. For some reason, and perhaps it’s simply how you were born, you feel inferior. And you probably are. Maybe that means it’s natural for you to submit to a more powerful dominant. Maybe that means you’re a worthless faggot that deserves to be taken down to nothing.

Who is superior to you might depend on your interests. For example, some guys might think women are superior, or black men. Obviously I am not going to fall into everyone’s idea of superior…. yet, my hypnosis can still help with that. Just this week I’ve had two such cases. One guy needed some help being trained to help submit to two black men he had met that wanted him to be their whiteboy slave. Another guy that’s become a regular loves training with me to better serve straight cam jocks. I’m neither of these things, and yet still both of these guys knew I am Superior enough over them that they’d willingly spend their money on more and more training to better worship those they truly want to serve and worship.

I’m okay with that, and most of this has been stroke training and not true hypnosis. Those that have experienced my true hypnosis know how powerful it can be though… how simply my ability to take you down deep and mold that feeble mind does make me such a Superior god over inferior ATMs and cashfags like you. It’s a skill that can help any, including other dominants… in that case, it’s an equal… but there is something truly magnificent about getting pay pigs and cash cows more and more addicted to both my hypnosis and sending me money. It’s a power I love to exert, and I love when they give in to it more and more….

Give in yourself and try my hypnosis…. then tribute me as a sign of acknowledging how Superior I am over you simply because of how easily I can get into that mind of yours.

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