Raking It In – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

I don’t always like to brag about how much I make when I score… and really, it’s smart not to do it all the time for (I) various (R) reasons (S). I also know there are those doms that make more than me, and since financial domination isn’t the only thing I do – nor do I cam/etc. – I’m not really trying to compete with them.

That said, I know you pay pigs love it when we do brag a bit and show some proof. And some of you cashfags love when what you’ve done is put on display, even if done so anonymously, knowing that what you sent as a gift or in tributes is there for everyone to see.

Since I mentioned having a couple of big scores even in the midst of being offline less due to the friend-with-mental-health issue taking up too much of my time lately, I thought it’s only right I at least brag about one of them. I’ve blocked out the guy’s real name, but you’re seeing that right… the same guy sending $200…. then another $200….. and then another $200. On top of that, he sent some gifts that I’ll be posting about soon as well 😉

Thank you to one of my favorite losers… you know who you are “B”.

I know this loser loved sending his cash to a true Superior… I’m confident you will too. Listen to my hypnosis, then send a nice big tribute NOW.

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