#PayPig Jim’s Desire – #financialdomination

The following comes to me from PayPig Jim. He has tasted the power of My Superior voice – when will you?

“Master Josh, this slave lies prostrate before You full of desire to be dominated by You and to be Your online cash slave as it licks Your boots in humble submission to Your will. Recently, this slave spent a full weekend dedicated only to You, with phone switched and entering deeply into Your hypno sessions. These are so beautiful and powerful that this slave now begs to be collared as Your online cash slave as You deserve everything I can give and much, much more. I will never be able to serve You enough as You truly deserve, but the challenge is to Try Try Try….and the more I try to please You…the more I wish to please You even more. It just becomes an endless quest and anytime I tribute You I come away feeling that it should have been a larger tribute.

I fully accept that I was born to be a slave and desire to serve a Superior and now, at last, I have found the Perfect Master to bring that desire to perfection turning me into the slut paypig i was born to become.. My immediate desires are:

  1. To become Your apparel slave
  2. To become Your ATM

Once both of these are being carried out to Your satisfaction, I have a burning desire for

  1. To become Your Ultimate Tribute slave aiming at getting $14,000 to You within a year

You might think that No. 3 is a little bit too ambitious….but I know You can get me there and especially if I cut down on my selfish spending, take on extra work to earn more for You…..putting You first in everything, which I think You will fully approve of.

I have made a rule for myself now, which I am calling my GOLDEN RULE. From now on, before buying anything for myself, I ask myself is this money being wisely spent? So the GOLDEN RULE is this:


For example, I see a jacket or pair of trainers I would like to buy….but stop myself realising that this money would be better spent on Master Josh. Similarly, if I have £700 saved to go on a holiday, before booking it I ask Master Josh’s advice. He might reply, “Slave, which do You prefer…to book that holiday or to beg me to receive the £700 as an extra unexpected gift from you?” There can only be one response to that question and Master Josh already knows the answer. Actually, this is not a hypothetical case…I have been saving to go on a holiday in July or August but not before I ask Master Josh’s advice.

Master Josh, the more I give, the more I want to give and the more I want to give the more I want to thank You for allowing me.”

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