On #CashFags – #FinancialDomination Thoughts

Once upon a time, I hated the idea of calling a guy a fag. I was raised to be a good boy and – generally speaking – am a strong proponent of equality. As I become more involved with hypnosis, I became more exposed to the different inner desires of men… and one of the hardest for me to get around was calling a guy a fag.

Over time though, I’ve realized that when it comes to being a cash fag, it’s not about disrespecting sexuality. Most of the cash fags I’ve spoken with are actually straight. And yet, they have that pathetic need to be put down in their place. It’s only right that they are called a fag from time to time. Most cash fags are far below what any typical gay man is – Matt Bomer, Wentworth Miller, Gareth Thomas… these guys are NOT what you’d call inferior. But you? If you’re here reading this blog, there’s a good chance you could be a lowly cash fag.

Perhaps not… I definitely chat with other guys into financial domination that just need to lose the control once in a while, to feel the power of another man, etc. They are still confident Alphas in their everyday life. I even have guys that tie in financial domination to muscle and working out. But I wanted to get my thoughts out there on how I few being a cash fag. It’s not related to orientation. On a general level, I still believe in equality when it comes to general race, orientation, gender, etc. But, on a deeper level, I know that we are all individuals… and that some men, like me, were born Superior… while others, like you, were born inferior.

And an inferior cash fag like you needs to be calling my recordings for your training and sending a nice big tribute NOW.

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