Not Just About #Money – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

When you search out Dom(mes), sometimes you can figure out the ones that are in it just for the money, and the ones that legitimately enjoy other areas as well. Some, for example, like the control.

For me, it’s less about control and more about influence. Because I do hypnosis for so many different areas, I get hit up by way too many people to control – and frankly, just telling people what to do isn’t always as much of a personal turn-on for me. And yet many people want it, from ATMs to jockslaves to camsluts.  Of course… for the right price, I’m always game to assert more control… and for no price, I give nothing (well, aside from some free blog posts and a handful of free files).

But influencing people… making suggestions as I tweak their desires and their senses… now that’s hot, and also more realistically achievable when working with multiple subs who often have more limited budgets. Whether it’s a pay pig or a bodybuilder, I love making those tweaks in the subconscious. I suppose that’s what drew me to hypnosis in the first place… that a person could be molded into a different version of themselves be it temporarily or on a full-time basis.  If someone were to ask what my biggest fetishes are, the top two would be hypnosis and transformation… and so of course I love using the hypnosis to help transform men into different things… some more than others… but on this site, helping transform men into loyal cashslaves as I help them accept they are inferior and grow their desire to serve, and the pleasure they receive when serving and paying tribute to me.

If you love the idea of being influenced… of letting my powerful voice and skilled files mold your mind… then check out my hypnosis …. and after, be sure to leave a nice big tribute.

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