#Niteflirt #Goody Frustration

Being new to Niteflirt when I created not just one goody, but DOZENS AND DOZENS between both HypnoSuperior and Mesmerizer profiles, I was not aware that one could not add a thumbnail after the fact. I’ve let it slide, only I’ve also just learned that because these goodies don’t have thumbnails, that means they are not appearing in the listings at Niteflirt. I suppose I should consider myself proud then that my sales have been more of my own accord and efforts, but I’m also a bit frustrated – and yes, even Gods get fed up with the nitpicky rules of different sites and corporations.

One thing I can do is create new goody bags. If I do this, please be aware that it might look as if you haven’t purchased such a goody bag when in reality you have. I of course will label everything as close to the same as I can so that there is no confusion in terms of that. But, this seems to be the only way to get into the listings.

The drawback? I’d lose positive reviews I’ve been given! Or, at least, they wouldn’t be associated with the new goody bag that they should be.

I probably shouldn’t vent in here, but Niteflirt just confirmed all this. I did write back with one final plea, but a vent here would be good too. And any tributes for all the extra work Master Josh is going to have to do working on these goodies is appreciated! (did you know it took me a full week just to get these uploaded to Niteflirt in the first place? As mentioned in the last post, sometimes you don’t see the behind the scenes, but I do put in a lot of work to earn your money!).

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