New #Hypnosis #Mp3s for #Muscle

I have two new files up on Niteflirt and listed on my Niteflirt-compliant jock and muscle site,

The first is a more mainstream file with an arousing bent as one feels their testosterone increasing. Though no guarantees it actual increases testosterone production, it should make those susceptible to my hypnosis much more pumped up to go work out! Listen to a preview below:

The other one is in the same vein but takes things into becoming more of a masculine, macho, beefy, brawny, hairy, bearded musclebear. This erotic stroke along file is a temporary transformation but also may leave men feeling the urge to go push themselves during their next lifting sessions… as well as the desire to never shave unless required for a job. Listen to a short clip:

Both files are being introduced at my sale prices as my Holi-Anniversary Sale continues… $14.99 for Testosterone Motivator (would have been $19.99) and $19.99 for Into A Musclebear (would have been $24.99).

As for all my pay pigs and cashslaves, though I’ll be largely unavailable from now through the first week of January, I expect to be very productive after that and have some great new file ideas for ATMs, payslaves, fagtaxes, cash cows, and more. No promises on when I’ll get to them all but custom hires can speed up the process, or simply send in your ideas to HypnoSuperior or TheMesmerizer on Niteflirt (that’s all I can give here due to compliance).

I of course love muscles and can’t wait to build my own and all yours more in 2015, but I also am very much looking forward to mindfucking more of you further in the new year… whether I’m programming you as an obedient ATM that feels the pleasure whenever they pay and even go into debt, or helping you to give in to those desires to serve straight jocks like the cashfag you are, or otherwise perverting that mind and taking that cash… here’s hoping to a very good and profitable-for-me new year.

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