#MP3 Spotlight – Let’s Go #Shopping #Wishlist #FinancialDomination #EroticHypnosis

This week’s spotlight is for those that LOVE to buy Superior men all those things that they need and want from their wishlist. Stroke your cock into an obedient trance, then find yourself adding more and more to your cart.

It’s true my favorite gift is cash, but getting a pleasant surprise in the mail is a close second. You’ll find a mix of things needed (such as a vacuum) to wanted (a new laptop), inexpensive (storage items) to luxurious (big-screen TV; jewelry) … of course if you can’t make up your mind, gift cards are always highly valued!

You don’t have to listen to this file to give to a man you know deep down is Superior to you – simply click on the link here and shop away: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3IQE9AZ29ZN2Z

But for those that enjoy some erotic hypnotic pleasure with their purchases, be sure to consider buying my “Let’s Go Shopping” file, and listen to a free preview below:

“Have listened to it three times since downloading it tonight and love it.” -kcleatherboi

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