Milking the #cashcow #ATM into #Debt – #financialdomination

Another hot text session with an ATM …

stroke along if you’d like too, but be warned you may head into trance… just click read more if you’re so ready to relax… and be molded by my words…. molded into such a cashslave ATM…. addicted to debt for the benefit of measure

just relax into that DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
as you stroke your cock,
it’s so easy to relax more
each stroke taking you deeper
letting go more with each stroke
drifting deeper with each stroke
so easy to submit more
easy to drift into that DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
even as I start to program your mind
focusing on the pleasure you feel building with each stroke
even as you feel my hand take control
so easy to obey me as I start to milk you
obeying my words as you go into a DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
feeling so good each and every time you PAY
the more you pay, the more pleasure you feel
the more pleasure you feel, the more you pay
 for MY pleasure is your pleasure
and I get so much pleasure from when you pay me
even as you go into debt, for it helps me lower my debt
it helps me pay my bills and buy what i want
even as you suffer and sacrifice
even when you look at that debt
that pleasure building up
feel your cock being milked by me
taking you deeper and deeper
each stroke helping you to relax further and further
down, down, down
lower, lower, lower
down lower into that DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
:knowing that it feels so good to focus on my words
programming you, brainwashing you
 rewiring your mind… deep down in that brain
you know that as I milk you
each stroke makes you so obedient
you exist as my cashslave
my ATM cashcow
programmed by me. trained by me.
 no need to question
so easy to just OBEY
it feels so good
limitations disappearing as I milk you
resistance disappearing as I milk you
feeling so certain this is what you want
feeling so certain this is what you need
feeling the pleasure build each time you pay me
knowing you can still spread it out if needed
yet it’s so good to know you can just pay, and pay, and pay
giving in to your addiction
giving in to the pleasure
and feeling so good with that
never any questions
any regrets
 never caring about the consequences
never caring about what others have done with you
it’s as if you have only existed as my cashslave
 it’s as if you were born to be my ATM cashcow
it is your purpose in life
it is what gives your life meaning
 it makes you so very content
it makes you so very happy
 being my cashslave is your destiny
going into debt for me is what you exist to do
and you accept it all
for there is so much pleasure
the pleasure builds and builds
as you drift into a DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
the deeper you go, the more pleasure you feel
the more pleasure you feel, the deeper you go
 and that allows you to focus on the pleasure
so much pleasure when you pay me
more pleasure when you pay me more
pleasure when you see your debts
 pleasure to know you’ve helped out Master Josh
 so easy to give in
getting so ready to focus on my words controlling you
 feeling it as I stroke that cock
milking my cash cow
each stroke making you want to OBEY
so easy to obey when I say
and it doesn’t matter to you that money is tight
for you don’t mind going further into debt
it still feels so good to pay
a nice big amount
the more you pay

the more the pleasure lasts
 the more intense the pleasure is
intense pleasure washing over you
 through you and over you, through you and over you
after you pay

for it just feels so good
your mind, your body, that throbbing dick I milk
so much pleasure washing over you

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  1. Oops! I made the mistake of clicking “continue reading,” only to discover that Master Josh’s cleverly-worded texts have almost as much power over an inferior’s vulnerable mind as his powerful superior voice does. Now I’ll have to choice but to get pleasure from sending him tribute again!

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